Contribute a story

Open Source Stories uses StoryCorps to record and archive stories. You can listen to previously recorded stories on the StoryCorps archive. If you elect to publish a story, it will be automatically saved in the StoryCorps archive at the United States Library of Congress.

Recording stories is done with the StoryCorps app for in-person interviews or with StoryCorps Connect for remote interviews. If you prefer to not create a StoryCorps account, please let us know and we will work with you to find an alternate method.

If you have a story you would like to tell, please fill out our storytelling signup form. While we cannot respond to every submission, we are committed to sustainably scaling our team to share as many as possible. We are currently prioritizing stories from:

  • people whose work and impact in open source are not always quantifiable into a dashboard or evident from an API
  • communities who have navigated major inflection points in open source
  • open source decision makers who are interested in sharing their perspectives on foundational changes to open source projects

At a minimum, please be prepared with headphones and a microphone. An external microphone will yield better audio (and help with transcription), but as long as we can hear you clearly, you should be fine.

Recording tips

To prepare for the recording, we ask that you check your setup for use with the interview method you selected.


Help with the website

We use GitHub to collaborate on our website. Please file issues, contribute to our documentation, or submit a pull request!